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Holiday Shopping and Identity Theft Reminders

During this busy shopping season, we would like to remind you of some important identity theft and safety tips.

  • Never give out personal information over the phone
  • Check your bank and credit card statements upon arrival or frequently check your accounts online
  • Keep a watch on your purse/wallet while shopping
  • When shopping, do not leave your car unlocked or packages visible
  • Try to walk with a group when exiting stores/malls
  • Report lost/stolen credit and debit cards immediately
  • File a police report for stolen items including debit/credit cards
  • Secure your personal information even at home
  • Report fraudulent activities immediately
  • If you are traveling, have your mail and newspaper stopped while your away

If you should need to report lost or stolen BNA Bank debit or credit cards, please use the following contact information.

Lost/Stolen Debit Cards: 800-528-2273
Lost/Stolen Credit Cards: 800-423-7503
BNA Bank: 662-534-8171 (during banking hours)
BNA Bank wishes you a SAFE and JOYOUS Christmas Season.